The other faces of Port Louis

When the streets of the capital unfold their stories ...

The Big Rocks of Your Life

Picture your life as a jar filled with sands, pebbles and big rocks. What would you put in first to fill your Jar ?

An Interview with Photographer Ashveen Ram

Meet Ashveen Ram - A  talented Mauritian photographer and a passionate visual storyteller. Recently his work was featured in the Porlwi festival of contemporary culture. Let's learn more about him and his creative passion...

An interview with Photographer Paul Choy

''Capturing someone's portrait is always a deeply personal experience. Regardless of whether I know my subject for just a minute or many years, when I photograph them we become connected..." Check out the full interview

An interview with Iphoneographer Barbara Frish (@iphonecameragirl)

"Sometimes when I find something interesting I will shoot the scene from many different angles and take a ridiculous amount of shots. I always shoot a lot of a scene if I can..." Check out the interview of Barbara Frish (@iphonecameragirl)

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