About this blog

“Between Land & Sea” is about photography.

On a regular basis, the blog will showcase the life and pictures of talented photographers. Surely, an insight into their work and their creative process are learning opportunities and a creative inspiration to many of us. Their interviews along with a snapshot of their work are accessible on the Featured Artists page.

The ‘Resources’ section is a collection of articles, videos, tips and tutorials related to photography that I have found interesting and definitely worth sharing.

Part of the blog is also about my beautiful motherland –  Mauritius, portrayed through some of my photos & anecdotes under the section ‘My Blog‘. Mauritius is the star and key of the Indian Ocean ; A picturesque tropical island with a melting pot of cultures & a vibrant economy propelled by a nation full of warmth & hospitality.

This blog went live on the 12th March 2018, date which marks the 50th Independence Anniversary of Mauritius.

If you would like to collaborate or share your experience here, send me an email on javjeetoo [@] gmail.com or simply get in touch by submitting this form.


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