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Hello World ! Welcome to my blog, ‘Between Land & Sea‘, which revolves around photography.

My name is Javed Jeetoo.

I’m an islander sitting under that beautiful coconut tree all day, sipping a virgin mojito cocktail while admiring the sandy beaches and turquoise lagoon of Mauritius… Cliché apart ! I wish I could do that more often and not just in my spare time.

Well, when am not under that coconut tree, I work for an amazing company, Scott & Co Ltd  (which is the second oldest company in Mauritius, established in 1835!) and spend beautiful time with my family (wife and two children).

And when I am not working and free from family commitments, I love taking pictures. Capturing the beauty of this world, looking at life in a view finder and putting myself in the shoes of others has not only been my creative avenue but a new way to connect with myself.

I am certainly not a professional photographer. Still learning and I guess this will be a long process, in fact a never-ending one ! But yes, I’m a passionate hobbyist photographer shooting on iPhone (known as iPhoneography),  DSLR and at times with a DJI drone.

On Instagram, I’m a proud member of Rebels United Hub . It’s a beautiful community of avid photographers from around the globe, sharing their experience and participating  regularly in photography contests. I’m also part of the Explore Family Group of Hubs – Another great community for photographers with niche pages. I am a moderator  in two of their beautiful galleries:  Explore BNW & Explore Landscapes

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And if you’d like to collaborate or share your photography experience here, send me an e-mail on javjeetoo [@] gmail.com or just fill this form and I’ll be in touch:


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