My Creative Avenue… now & then

I only recently got into photography… more precisely around May 2017 when I switched from a google pixel phone to an iPhone. This was when I discovered the world of iphoneography and got hooked into taking pictures. Yeps still a beginner but a passionate one!

But before that, some ten years back, my creative vibe was a completely different one. It was music, the underground progressive house & deep techno tunes that you would seldom hear on the commercial radios.

From left to right: Ti-Robin, KAN & myself at an electronic music workshop

I used to mix and create DJ sets for underground parties and radio shows around the world until around 2013. I still very much enjoy this kind of music though. In fact it’s mostly the kind of music I listen to.


dj tool

Here are two of my sets which are still available online – my last DJ set in 2013 for a 2 hour radio show I used to host on a monthly basis for a Budapest Web Radio and another one (live DJ Set in 2012)  for an Argentinian Internet / FM Radio where I was invited as a guest.


Whether it’s music, theater, photography, I’d encourage everyone to have a creative avenue in their life. It’s not only a stress buster, but it does make you see & appreciate the world differently….

And you, what’s your creative vibe ?



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