Happy Independence Day ! What’s next ?

12 March 1968 – 12 March 2018: Yes, we’re proudly celebrating the 50th Independence anniversary of our beloved island, the Republic of Mauritius.

On that 12th March 1968, no one would have bet that Mauritius would become the flourishing economy it is today, with a highly educated and compassionate nation.

After all, we are just a dot in the vast Indian Ocean, hundred miles away from the rulers of this world …. You won’t find gold here, no petrol, no other resources except for its land, sea and sheer perseverance of its people. Today Mauritius is  :

  • Ranked 25th world wide out of 190 economies on the ease of doing business index
  • Ranked 8th as having the most free economy in the world and the highest score in investment freedom
  • Ranked as the 22nd  most peaceful country in the world out of 163 countries
  • A caring state with free education up to secondary schooling, free public transport for students and the elderly, free medical care
  • A nation of warmth and hospitality – where we live peacefully and tolerant of each other’s beliefs and religion
  • A polyglot nation speaking fluently Creole, French, English and many also fluent  in Mandarin, Hindi or Urdu

Should we call it the Miracle Island instead of Paradise Island then ?

I guess not. Like any other countries, we do have our flaws and certainly many areas to improve upon – whether on infrastructure, social services, equal opportunities, and the education system.

But if we want to be the true angels of this land, it is high time we start giving equal, if not, more attention to the intrinsic but eroded values that have played a pivotal role in our progress :

  • Integrity – Do the right things and let us all strive to be open and transparent in our decisions and actions
  • Neutrality – leave our biases and ethnicity aside when performing our citizen duties and obligations – See the human being in front of You, the Mauritian or the Foreigner and not his class, caste or societal belonging
  • Humanity -let us remain considerate and respectful of others, open to new ideas and cultures, and welcoming the world arms wide open
  • Simplicity & Spirituality – despite the change in our economy and social landscape, let us remain close to our traditions and strike the right balance between the material world and spirituality

Twenty Five years from now, how would like your children to celebrate ? In Peace, Justice & Liberty ?

Photo Credit: Paskal Zolii

Photo taken by Paskal Zolii, talented Mauritian Photographer. Check out his awesome gallery here


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