5 Great Videos to uplift your mobile photography


Mobile photography is the art of photography using a smart phone or mobile device.For those using an iPhone, the term iPhoneography is often used.

But how can you get that refined and professional touch when capturing those beautiful moments with your smart phone? Achieving that is not really related to your phone. You’ll need to apply the basic principles of photography.


These 5 short videos  by renowned photographer Jack Hollingsworth were an eye opener to me when I started iPhoneography. Yes, they are related to an app (camera+) but the principles taught are applicable to any mobile device and you’ll certainly find similar apps if you ‘re on Android. My only advice is to make that learning effort to shoot in manual mode –  This will certainly uplift the quality of your pictures:

1st Video: Understanding Focus

2nd Video: Understanding Exposure

3rd Video: Understanding White Balance

4th Video: Understanding Shutter Speed

5th Video: Understanding ISO




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